Town of Esperance lead cleanup

Town of Esperance lead cleanup

Project Info

Town of Esperance : Department of Transport – High risk lead clean-up

This project is one of PRC Building Service’s highest regarded projects. This project won the following awards:

The Esperance clean-up and recovery Project required the cleaning of internal and external surfaces to both residential and commercial premises, as well as roof spaces for the removal of lead. During this project, we were working at heights and in confined spaces.

This project was delivered on time and within budget, PRC Building Services Pty Ltd developed policies and procedures for over 1,800 properties for lead cleaning, which is the largest lead cleaning project in the world to date.

As part of PRC Building Services Pty Ltd’s commitment to the local community, the company employed and trained over one hundred local personnel during this project and invested over two million dollars into the local economy.

PRC Building Services Pty Ltd were one of the largest employers in the Town of Esperance during this time.