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Commercial Building & Construction Company Perth, WA

Commercial Building & Construction Company Perth, WA

We are primarily known for our roofing expertise but we also provide carpentry, gyprocking, painting, steel works, ventilation, roller doors, p/a doors, refurbishment

PRC Building Services Pty Ltd also serves Perth and Western Australia with comprehensive commercial and industrial applications. We have been licenced builders for the nearly the past decade completing work for the state and federal governments, government departments and other major West Australian and Nationwide companies.

Apart from our industrial and commercial roof works we also offer building maintenance services from gutter cleaning to general contract based handyman work. In the last several years we have maintained a routine maintenance contract with the west Australian police service maintain their roof and gutter as well as provide up to date condition reports repair cost estimates and the like all of our employees where required to undergo the most stringent of background checks to work at WA polices most secure sites. PRC have successfully undertaken projects from 1mill to 10mill for commercial /industrial & mining clients in some of the most remote parts of the country with extreme conditions and high risk delivering successful projects without incident on time and delivering a quality outcome.

Safe Construction and Building

In 2008 PRC Building Services Pty, Ltd undertook the largest project in its twenty-year history. There was a severe environmental release in the Esperance area when Magellan lead did not ensure safe practices where adhered to in the Esperance port and there was a town wide lead contamination thorough residential commercial and industrial area. We were called in to rectify this situation using our advanced hazardous safety management plans, we utilised the VAK TEK system after researching companies in Australia who had dealt with this kind of contamination before.

Employees were giving industry leading training to work on this project as it involved a practice similar to that of an asbestos removal requiring stringent decontamination procedures and the intensity of the work required a strong attention to detail carpet and ceiling had been contaminated by lead and required extensive vacuuming sometimes over one hour on one square metre of carpet after this was done all work was then certified as made safe by an independent contractor.

There were over 1500 properties that need attention and clearance this was achieved sourcing local employee’s whilst injecting several million dollars into the local economy and assuring the locals and visitors could and do now enjoy their stay with peace of mind.

Trades and services that we currently supply are as listed: