Commercial & Industrial Roofing – Service Areas

Commercial & Industrial Roofing – Service Areas

Commercial & Industrial Roofing – Service Areas

PRC is a commercial and industrial roofing service provider. The company, which boasts over twenty years of practical experience, is a market leader in Western Australia. Our expertise and operations expand into Karratha, Kalgoorlie, Port Headland, Broome, Busselton, Bunbury, Northam, Albany, Esperance, Geraldton and Newman.

Commercial and Industrial Roofing Services Offered

Our team of professionals have the expertise, versatility and range to provide the best services for roofing (and other related projects) in building developments that, among others, include the following:

Roof Replacement and Restoration

We offer roof replacement and restoration for all your commercial and industrial sites. After we have conducted a site inspection and depending on the resultant report of the damage, we will determine whether a replacement of restoration service is better suited to you, taking your budget and preferences into consideration.

Which one is recommended?

Though the more thorough option, roof replacement typically results in higher costs. These costs are generated by the high labour demand, the complete tearing off of the roof, the associated landfill and disposal costs, and finally, the complete reinstallation.

On the other hand, roof repair is cheaper as it requires fewer labourers, no tearing off of the roof and therefore little disposal (and the associated cost of this).

Why You Should Have Your Roof Repaired and Restored

Among the most common misconceptions is the idea that as long as your roof isn’t splintering, leaking, or in extreme cases, if the roof itself isn’t falling off, then everything is fine.

The reality is that, as roofs have to endure variable conditions over time, some of these being harsher than others, roofing problems also take time to develop before they present themselves as something as tangible as a broken tile or thinning thatch.

All roof types and systems deteriorate with time. It is best to consult with a professional to preserve the structural integrity and to prevent the damage from snowballing into a much bigger problem.

The added benefit is that you’ll actually end up saving money as, like everything else, smaller problems are easier to fix and therefore cheaper. So don’t waste time, we are at your service. We follow a thorough maintenance schedule, which guarantees you these services and facilities:

In the cases that your roof does reach the point of actually leaking, we are equipped with the best damage detection technology that allows us to get to the root of the issue in the most precise and efficient way, saving you time and money. Even further, if necessary, we also offer full roof maintenance, restoration and replacement.

Another thing to consider is whether the roofing material contains hazardous components and whether over time, previously non-hazardous materials can assume toxic properties as a result of interacting with the elements and other ambient components. We use non-hazardous materials, and our maintenance program is such that you will never have to worry about the latter issue.

Other Services We Offer

Although commercial and industrial roofing installations, repairs, and restorations are at the core of our business, our services extend well beyond these. We are also noted specialists in the following services in your area of Western Australia:

We also offer maintenance services for all of these. In short, if you’re in one of the towns and cities of Western Australia mentioned above, and undertaking a construction project of any kind, from small to large scale, and want the best job done, you should be contacting us.

The Benefits of Using PRC for Your Building Project

Some of the more obvious aspects to be considered when it comes to roofing is the durability as well as the practicality of the material. That is to say, the roofing material must be able to perform more than one function. It must perform the primary function of providing safety and protection for your building, and at the same time, be strong enough to weather variable conditions for long periods of time.

At PRC, we pride ourselves in using quality materials that not only fulfil these functions but also have impeccable aesthetics. We understand that impressions matter, and we believe that you should be satisfied in every aspect of the final product. As such, we always make sure that our efficiency doesn’t compromise your designs and the vision you have for your business.

PRC Roofing Systems and Types

We specialise in the installation, restoration, and replacement of a wide variety of roofing types and systems, including those listed below. Depending on your preference or the structural need, these can be composite, insulated or corrugated.

The Added Benefits of Using Our Building Services Company

Among our key objectives, we guarantee a safe, high quality, on-time roofing repair schedule that will result in little to no downtime for your business. We also guarantee an on-budget project that won’t leave you saddled with unnecessary costs.

Given the inherently hazardous nature of construction, health and safety as well as consideration for the environment, are of prime importance to us. Projects undertaken by PRC have reported a zero-incident rate when it comes to safety and hazardous mishaps. This is a result of our staunch policy of putting safety first.

Furthermore, we have been Western Australia’s trusted, premier provider for roofing and other building needs. Our methods, technologies and professionalism have been tried and tested on a wide scale for over two decades and thrived.

We always go the extra mile in our service, and this shows in the results. So give us a call to find out more about our offers.