Industrial Shed Construction

Industrial Shed Construction In Perth, WA

Industrial Shed Design & Construction in Perth, WA

PRC Building Services can custom  your shed based on your requirements. We can made it based on your needs for size, appearance, colour, layout as well as functions. Our company specialises in shed modifications to improve your current structure.

PRC offer a comprehensive service when it comes to refurbishing your workshop or shed whilst we don’t construct your average garden sheds we can assist when it comes to putting a new roof on your factory shed.

We have done in this regard, extensive work in the northwest region for primarily Rio Tinto but also for the shires and townships themselves, our prime example of reinvigoration is the Number one workshop located at Dampier’s Parker Point Location. Over the period of 9 months we assembled over 700 tonnes of scaffolding around the structure using gantry’s above all doorways we were able re-clad the entire structure with new Colorbond ultra whilst replacing and installing additional structural support all while allowing this 24-hour facility no downtime. As such we continue to be invited to quote and tender and work on a variety of projects. No distance is too far for us nowhere is too remote.

Commercial /Industrial Mining Shed Erection
and Refurbishment

PRC Building Services Pty Ltd completed a breakthrough project for Fremantle Ports using Commercial Mast Climbers in their Industrial Shed, never used before in the Southern Hemisphere during a re-cladding project: Fremantle Ports Project
  • PRC recently constructed a stainless-steel structure for a BHP ammonia nitrate shed which is the first time this has occurred to this level in western Australia and successfully refurbished the whole building in stainless steel to minimise future corrosion in a corrosive environment utilising local suppliers to Fabricate and PRC staff to install on a most complex structure.