Roof Repair & Restoration

Perth’s Leading Commercial Roof Repair Contractors

Perth’s Leading Commercial Roof Repair Contractors

PRC offer a comprehensive repair and restoration solution to any water egress issues you may be experiencing whether it be a leaking roof repairs, emergency roof repairs, guttering repairs as well as non-heritage and heritage projects.

With us being the premier metal roofing contractors in Perth and western Australia as a whole our roof maintenance programs can also be a turnkey solution for clients whose budgets don’t warrant a full roof restoration we especially use this process with our larger clients who are wish to hold off on their commercial roof replacement.

Not all roof leaks or issues can be from rusted materials or blocked pipes sometimes it is the drainage system itself not being able to handle the water flow from a roof in heavy rain causing back flooding (when water is pushed by the wind up and under the ridge line) causing what appears to be a leaking roof. this can be solved using tornado Siphonic rainwater systems using a “whirlpool” like system these discharge rain heads can remove a significantly larger amount of water in a very small amount of time when compared to traditional rain head and sump systems.

Perth’s Leading Commercial Roof Repair Contractors

Emergency Roof Repairs

We provide emergency response services and emergency preparation to businesses Australia wide, services include but aren’t limited to:

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